Curious about who these people you hear on the Antioch Podcast? Here is a little about each of us:

Rev. Dr. Reggie Smith, Director of the Offices of Race Relations and Social Justice for the CRCNA (Christian Reformed Church of North America).  He speaks and leads trainings nationally and internationally as part of his work for the Christian Reformed denomination.  In addition, Pastor Reggie also is a lifelong Cubs fan, which says a lot about how he developed the spiritual gifts of patience and perseverance in his life – character traits which have come in handy when working to helping congregations understand racism more deeply.  He also does a remarkable Morgan Freeman impression, if you can convince him to show you.

Libby Huizenga, MDiv: Public Theologian and undercover social justice warrior disguised as a mild-mannered professor and research librarian Kuyper College.  Libby became passionate about anti-racism by way of becoming a vegetarian… as one does.  She is in training with CORR (Congregations Organized for Racial Reconciliation) to be an Understanding Racism workshop facilitator, and is a trained RACE+FAITH facilitator.

Susie Dixon, MDiv: Director of Discipleship and Relationships at Madison Church: Square Campus, member of MART (the Madison Anti-Racism Team).  She is also an adjunct professor at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.  Susie describes her work as “the Ministry of Love” – loving people in spite of their similarity or dissimilarity to herself.  When not at the church office, she would choose to live on the shore of Lake Michigan, where she spends as much of her time as possible walking the beach and talking with God.

Tamara Gurley, Seminarian, Co-Founder and Facilitator of RACE+ FAITH.  Tamara is perhaps the busiest member of our team as she and her husband are in the midst of raising four young children while she is going to school to earn her seminary degree and leading anti-racism trainings many evenings.  In her free time… let’s be honest, Tamara doesn’t actually have much free time, but if she did, she might  just try to squeeze in a well-deserved nap.

Rev. Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige is the Executive Associate to the President for Diversity & Inclusion at Calvin University where she has worked since 1985.  She is a professor of Sociology, and an Associate Pastor at Angel Community Church in Muskegon, Mi.  She also is the founder of Preach Sista, an organization dedicated to serving Christian women in ministry who have been wounded by the church.  She has authored and contributed to numerous books, and enjoys vegan cooking with her husband in her free time.

Eric Nykamp, LMSW, Producer of the Antioch Podcast for Madison Church and Director of Worship Design for Madison’s North Campus.  He spends leftover energy on several side-hustles as an adjunct professor of social work and professional artist.  He and his wife enjoy cooking together… though he is known to get a bit possessive about being the only person to clean his favorite wok.  He is a member of MART, a trained RACE+FAITH facilitator, and in training to become a CORR Understanding Racism workshop facilitator.