Episode 97: “I Can Fix It” Series – Everybody: Educate Yourself.

This is the 5th episode in our series entitled “I Can Fix It” in which the Antioch Podcast team discusses the “Now Art” piece by artist and author damali ayo. Damali Ayo polled 2000 people for their ideas about how to fix racism, and curated their responses into her written piece “I Can Fix It.” We’ve been going back and forth between things that white people and people of color can do to combat racism, but this week – the suggestion is the SAME: Educate Yourself. Our team talks about the things they are doing to educate themselves, as well as why education is ongoing work for anyone serious about Biblical antiracism.


“I Can Fix It!” by damali ayo

Click to access I%20CAN%20FIX%20IT_racism.pdf

Harvard Implicit Association Test