Episode 94: “I Can Fix It” Series – “White People: Listen.”

This is the third episode in our series entitled “I Can Fix It” in which the Antioch Podcast team discusses the “Now Art” piece by artist and author damali ayo. Damali Ayo polled 2000 people for their ideas about how to end individual racism, and curated their responses into her written piece “I Can Fix It.” The first half is five things white people in the dominant American culture can do to end racism, and the second half covers five things people of color in the United States can do. Today’s topic is the second thing damail suggests white people can do to end racism – listen. This was a particularly vulnerable discussion this week in which we talked about how to listen well to one another, how listening has impacted us as individuals, as well as the nature of our cross-racial friendships.

As always, our discussion was full of vulnerability, storytelling and theological reflections mixed with laughter and sincerity.

“I Can Fix It” by Damali Ayo

Seth Meyers: “White Savior” sketch