Episode 91: “Self Care in a Season of Urgency.”

There is a lot going on right now. For weeks the United States has been making news for the racial disparities and unrest in this country. For those whose jobs or passions lead them to antiracism advocacy, as demonstrations wind down, the longer, less attention-grabbing work of antiracism education, negotiation, and policy-making has taken on a new sense of urgency. For those involved in this long work, the new demand for these kinds of services on top of all that was being done before can be exhausting. In many ways, those already involved in antiracism advocacy are the first responders and essential workers addressing the unaddressed pandemic of racism which has never been purged from our country. It often seems counterintuitive to rest during moments like this, but we must or risk burning out prematurely. We invited a new friend, Josh, to the table to join the rest of the team as we talked about how to practice self-care in this season of urgency.