Episode 90: the Antioch Team – “Truth Talk” Part 2 of 2

For those of you new to the podcast, our multiethnic team is comprised of Dr. Michelle Loyd Paige, Pastor Reggie Smith, PhD, Susie Dixon, MDiv, Libby Huizenga MDiv, and myself. All of us are active in antiracism initiatives at various Christian institutions in and around the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We gather at the end of each week to catch up on our weeks, and have a good talk about Biblical Antiracism.

Last week, Episode 89, we began this conversation talking about our emotions following the murder of George Floyd and subsequent protests that followed. After talking with each other about how we were processing these events, we pick up the conversation this episode by talking about a local peaceful Black Lives Matter march that happened in the wealthy, 95% white neighborhood of East Grand Rapids.