Episode 74: An Antioch Roundtable Episode – “Precaution, Pandemic and Privilege.”

This podcast was recorded on Friday, March 13, 2020. In Michigan, where we are, all schools have been closed and a new law went into effect making it a misdemeanor to gather in public spaces with more than 250 people in response to the Cover-19 epidemic. This has created a steep learning curve for churches to care for their congregations without potentially infecting congregants.

Several members of the Antioch Team were still able to record a conversation together discussing the article “How to tell if your privilege is showing amidst the Covid 19 pandemic” discussing how our response to Corona Virus is informed by a person’s race, class, age and health status.

Let’s listen to the conversation.

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MEDIUM: “How to tell if your privilege is showing amidst the Covid-19 epidemic.”

I Think You Are Wrong (But I’m Listening)