Episode 72: Libby Huizenga – “Inside Out.”

We are taking a short break from the Color of Compromise to bring you a recent sermon by one of our team-members, resident theologian Libby Huizenga. Justice and righteousness, being the same word in Hebrew and Greek, is an intrinsic part of the gospel message. There is a link in the show notes to a great video by Pursuing God.org that explains this further: https://www.pursuegod.org/what-is-justice/

The New Testament book of Acts contains within it the stories of how the early church wrestled with how to live out this idea as the church went through a period of rapid change from a monoethnic religious group, to a multiethnic religious movement. In Acts Chapter 6, we find a fascinating story – often overlooked by majority-culture churches and theologians – about how the early church responded to the systemic injustice that happened when the majority-culture Christians were exclusively in charge of the distribution of aid to those with needs in their developing multiethnic following.

Come listen as Libby takes us into this fascinating story.