Episode 64: The Color of Compromise – “Complicity, Courage and Confrontation.”

Today is the first episode in what will be a chapter-by-chapter book study by the Antioch team of Jemar Tisby’s must-read history of the American church The Color of Compromise: The Truth About the American Church’s Complicity in Racism. Every episode, the multi-racial Antioch team gathers around a table, turns on the mics, and talk about the topics in each chapter. All the members of the Antioch team are devout Christians and committed anti-racists, approaching faith and justice from each of our unique perspectives – shaped by our intersectional identities, personal histories, and professional backgrounds and education. We believe that the New Testament church, starting at the church in Antioch, learned to have these kinds of conversations as Christianity transformed from a monoethnic community to a multiethnic one. These recorded conversations are examples of the kinds of dialogue we hope happen more and more often in today’s multiethnic world, the kinds of conversations which must be at the foundation of our relationships so we can in time truly worship diversely together.

Bonus Resources:
This is the article written by Pastor Reggie, referenced in the episode: Baptism and the Fear of Uncertainty