Episode 61: Susie Dixon – “What Started Your Anti-Racist Journey?”

Last episode we introduced Libby Huizenga as a new member of the Antioch Roundtable, and this episode I want to introduce another new member to the table, Susie Dixon. Susie carries title of Director of Reaching In at Madison Church’s Square Campus, a church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and also is a member of Madison Church’s Anti-Racism Team. She also is a passionate justice advocate with a pastor’s heart. In this interview, Susie shares her story of what got her started on her Biblical anti-racism journey.

We are recording these episodes in the summer when it has been difficult for the entire Antioch Team to all gather at the same time, and so we are introducing the new members to the table one by one so you can associate names and voices once we begin our regular discussions this fall of Jemar Tisby’s book The Color of Compromise: The Truth About the American Church’s Complicity in Racism.

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