Episode 57: An Antioch Encore – “Institutional Reconciliation.”

This Encore episode of the Antioch Podcast goes back to our first years when we were known as the Antioch Worship Leadership Podcast. It was during this time that we came to the realization that justice and anti-racist principals are intrinsic aspects of leadership in multiethnic communities, religious or otherwise.

In this episode, Dr. John Lee returns to join the Antioch team around the table. to discuss the phrase “Institutional Reconciliation”. Our team invented the phrase “Institutional Reconciliation” to describe principals of governance and decision-making which stand in contrast to the often unexamined organizational processes which then keep Institutional Racism intact. If Socrates was right when he said “the unexamined life is not worth living”, by extension the unexamined multi-ethnic church may not be a place where people can live. Throughout the hour, the team delves into scriptural themes drawn from the prophets and the church in Antioch for ideas of how to model the Biblical, multi-ethnic “new communities” like the early churches of the New Testament. This round-table discussion is packed with humor and thoughtful discussion of what often are thorny issues that multi-ethnic churches in particular must skillfully learn to talk about.