Episode 51: Pastor Adam Edgerly – “Third Culture Calling.”

This episode of the Antioch Podcast features Pastor Adam Edgerly, and his message “Third Culture Calling” which he gave at Madison Church’s North Campus earlier this month. Adam Edgerly is an interculturalist and the CEO of Culture Consultants, working to help senior executives achieve peak performance through executive coaching and leadership training. He also has been hired by Madison Church (who hosts the Antioch Podcast) to help us become a more effective church at our cross-cultural mission. He has led retreats and workshops on five continents for thousands of participants. He holds a Master of Arts degree in intercultural studies from Biola University and a Master of Business Administration from Emory University.

Adam also serves as lead pastor of Newsong Los Angeles Covenant Church, a multicultural community committed to reconciliation in Christ. Prior to his ministry at Newsong LA, Adam served the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination as the associate director of global evangelism and regional director of church planting and community transformation.

Adam lives in Southern California, where he enjoys spending time at the beach with his wife and daughter.

Transition Music Credits:

Psalm 104 sung in ancient Hebrew by Yamma Ensemble.

Thanasis Kleopas-Hymn to muse Kalliope and Apollo