Episode 40: We Talk Different – “Transformative Friendships.”

My wife and I consider ourselves to be fortunate in life because we have been well-loved by numerous people who deeply impacted our lives. Most of us long for this kind of transformative connection with people. We are fortunate when we find people whom we can relate to, people we can be unapologetically ourselves with when we are together. This past Sunday I met with two college students who were tearful at having to say goodbye to the friends and relationships they had formed at our church now that they had graduated. The value of authentic friendships cannot be overstated.

One of the joys of listening to podcasts is getting to hear the same people over and over again. The hosts and casts can become like friends we listen to every episode. As a podcaster myself, I spend a fair amount of time searching and listening to podcasts on race and religion. There are a handful out there, but some of my favorites are those where a cluster of friends switch on the microphone every so often and let us listeners listen in on the conversation they are having. Finding a multiethnic group of friends who talk about the things that make them different (and similar) is more of a challenge.

So imagine my joy when I found the podcast “We Talk Different” a podcast that talks about race, religion, politics, gender and . . . basically everything! Three friends, all Christians, sit down weekly to talk about whatever is happening in the world at the moment they turn on the mic. They like to say that they don’t talk like everyone else. They talk different. And truthfully, ever since I came across this podcast, I’ve been wanting to talk with them! So, it was this podcaster’s dream to find a way to do this crossover episode with Ashley, Elijah and Ryan who make it a point of sharing their lives with all of us in podcast land from deep in the heart of Texas.

I’m not going to drag out this prologue . . .

Let’s wrap this up and listen to the cast of We Talk Different talk about their friendship, and how they learned how to talk together. And if you think this kind of crossover episode is fun, I’d love to hear your thoughts whether or not you would be interested in attending a live event some time where Christian podcasters who talk about race and religion get together maybe in 2019 or 2020. I’d like to gauge the level of interest in this, so leave comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages or send us an email at Antiochpod@gmail.com.

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.