Episode 34: Kinita Kadnar Schripsema – “Understanding Culture”

This latest series of the Antioch podcast is called Worshiping Diversely Together, exploring the themes of multicultural leadership in worship from Sandra Maria Van Opstal’s book “The Next Worship: Glorifying God in a Diverse World” . For those of you following this series in the book, today’s lecture is based on chapter 7, which talks about the importance of acknowledging our elders, intentionality, and patience as skills multiethnic leaders need to have in leading multiethnic congregations. Author and speaker Kinita Schripsema shares her perspectives on these skills in today’s talk.

Kinita is a Jesus lover, wife, and mother to four children. She was born in India and has lived cross-culturally since the age of 5 between Canada and the U.S.A. As a published author and speaker, Kinita shares, with passion, her love for Jesus and her desire to see other believers grow in their faith in the spaces and places God has called them to be.

In this talk, titled “Understanding Culture”, Kinita gives an overview of her Understanding Culture workshop, which she gives in a longer format to groups and churches in the US and Canada. Links to Kinita, her book and talks are provided here in the shownotes for this episode.