Episode 288: Paige Agnew – “The Enneagram and Nine Types of Rest.”

Many of us dream about taking a break from work, or even going on vacation. But what makes a great vacation may differ from person to person, and that is because everyone’s personality is very different. Maybe you have experienced this before yourself – some people want to have little planned; some people want to achieve seeing all the “must see” sites. Some people want to experience beauty, while others desire to have a lot of excitement, and still others want to just be left alone so they can recover from the wear and tear of life. You can imagine how some of these competing desires might create conflict … and a lot of people find exactly that – conflicts with other – the thing that ruins times of badly-needed rest.

Certified Enneagram Coach Paige Agnew knows a thing or two about this using the typology of the Enneagram to guide people in knowing themselves – including understanding what kind of rest is most helpful for people based on who they are. And while understanding yourself and others may not solve all your relationship issues, it is a very helpful tool to better understand yourself, those you love and the people you are around the most.

So today our multiracial team of antiracism educators and friends sit down with Paige to talk about personality, motivation and what kind of rest is best for nine potentially very different kinds of people.
Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.

Paige Agnew: Certified Enneagram Coach

The Nine Types of Rest

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