Episode 275: White Supremacy Culture – “Antidotes to Perfectionism.”

I know a number of perfectionists who tell me that one of the things they like most about their personality is that they strive to make things better. And it makes sense, there are a lot of things about the world, and about ourselves, that could benefit from improvement. But one of the things which perfectionists struggle with is that their inner critic is harsh and unrelenting. I’ve heard one perfectionist tell me before, “No one can be harder to me than I already am on myself.”

White supremacy culture has perfectionistic tendencies, as we discussed in earlier episodes. When a cultural way of doing life and conducting business takes on these characteristics, it can be hard on everyone involved. So how do we act the opposite of this way of living, especially for those of us who are white who may not recognize that there are other equally good ways of decision-making? Our team of Christian antiracism educators and friends talk about these antidotes to perfectionism, one right way and paternalism in today’s episode.