Episode 274: White Supremacy Culture – “Objectivity and Paternalism.”

Everyone has a perspective or bias, and most of us like to think that our biases are accurate. As a therapist, I often hear couples tell me about the problems in their relationship, and I will ask each partner to tell me the story of the problem. Often these stories are somewhat different, reflecting the perspective of each partner. I am no different. I only see the truth from my vantage point. There is a saying among marriage therapists that there are three sides to every problem: what I think happened, what they think happened, and what really happened. The truth, to quote the X Files … the truth is out there.
So what if one culture says that their cultural values or their cultural members get to define for everyone what is correct, what is valued, or what is important? In today’s episode, our team of Christian antiracism educators and friends talk about how white supremacy cultures creates problems through paternalistic behaviors and a belief in objectivity. It’s just our perspective … and we are putting our truth out there.

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.