Episode 272: White Supremacy Culture – “Fear of Disconnection.”

What makes you afraid? A common thing that people across cultures run into is having a fear of unfamiliar foods. New flavors, textures, or smells can create strong responses – sometimes embarrassingly strong responses. However, we tend to think that the food “we” like is … “normal.” I remember discovering that some of my non-American friends from overseas found making macaroni and cheese from a box to be disgusting, when it was a childhood favorite food of mine. Hearing them describe to me what they found disturbing about mac and cheese though made me see their point. They said, “I can’t believe that you eat food coated in rehydrated powdered cheese that only sticks to the pasta because you don’t rinse off the starch water.” After hearing how they saw one of my favorite foods actually made ME lose my appetite a little.

White Supremacy Culture in many ways is like mac and cheese – so common, and yet unexamined for what may not be appealing. But in this way it is also like mac and cheese – if you only eat that, you miss out on the nutrition found in other culture’s foods. White Supremacy Culture is in many ways the air we breathe in cultures where white values are normative. These values are found in the school system, the legal system, many religious denominations and norms for conducting business in “professional settings” among others. This way of doing what works to keep white majority people comfortable is the topic our multiracial team of Christian antiracism educators and friends are going to explore together in this series we are calling “White Supremacy Culture.” It is based on the online document by the same name, a link to which is found in the show notes for this episode. Today’s episode is titled “Fear of Disconnection.”

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.