Episode 25: Fannie Lou Hamer’s 100th Birthday & Podcast Spotlight

Exactly one-hundred years ago, on October 6, civil-rights activist, worship leader, and philanthropist Fannie Lou Hamer was born. This episode celebrates the life of Fannie Lou, the “woman who sings the hymns,” whose life and music continue inspiring activists and worshipers alike in the 21st Century.

In the second half of the episode, we shine a spotlight on two podcasts who have episodes covering some of the same topics we routinely cover in the Antioch Worship Leadership Podcast.

Links to sources cited in this podcast:
Part 1:

Historical Audio of Fannie Lou Hamer

Part 2:

Washington Post Article on PRRI’s study of cross-racial friendships

Scene on Radio’s 14-Part Series “Seeing White”

Truth’s Table