Episode 242: Intercultural Competence: “Part 1 – An Overview.”

Intercultural competence is a term often used within the diversity, equity and inclusion fields. Intercultural competence in its most simple form is the ability to function effectively across cultures by adapting our thinking and behavior, to work with people who are different from ourselves. On today’s episode, we will talk about what this means as Michelle talks to us about the IDI – the Intercultural Development Inventory, the premier assessment of intercultural competence. Afterwards, our team of antiracist educators and friends get ready to hear how our team did after we took the IDI, the results of which we will share with you next week.

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation!


The Intercultural Development Inventory

The prayer of Tielhard de Chardin (also known as “Trust in the Slow Work of God” by Pierre Chardin)