Episode 224: Eric Nykamp – “Why (as a White man) I am Still a Christian.”

We have been in a series called, “Why I am a Christian” or more specifically, “Why as a _________ “fill in the blank identity” am I still a Christian.” It is a question a lot of people get asked, because Christians have done some harm historically, and recently in the world. We don’t have a great reputation in some circles.

So this week it is Eric’s turn to share why he as a white person is still a Christian. As he says in the podcast, “To be honest, I don’t have to think about my identity as a white person a lot, and it took me a bit to reflect on it.” But reflect he did, taking time to talk about whiteness, the desire to distance himself from discomfort in conversations about race, and how both faith and church hurt have impacted his antiracism journey.