Episode 223: Bing Goei – “Why I Am Still A Christian.”

Bing Goei is a prominent Asian American business leader, politician, and faith leader within the Christian Reformed Church, in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan where the Antioch Podcast is produced. Bing shares his story of immigrating to the United States, and how his faith has been a foundational part of his identity driving his career to not just make his own way, but also to start diversity initiatives in civic, business and faith spaces alike. Some would say that strictly statistically-speaking, it would be unlikely for Bing to be a Christian, having been born in a majority-Muslim country. After a lengthy immigration journey, he faced difficulties and prejudices – many times even from other Christians – as the “first” or “only” person of color in most spaces he occupied throughout his life. But he found his voice and kept his faith, and has had a profound, decades-long impact on the Kent County and the Grand Rapids community in several areas as a faithful servant of God.