Episode 214: Unlearn 2022 – “Talking About Racism as Friends.”

Once in a while, the Antioch Podcast gets to take our show on the road, and this month, four of us had the privilege of speaking as a team at Calvin University for their annual Unlearn Week, a week dedicated to unlearning stereotypes, biases and racism. This speaking series, which is open to the public and staff, is a place for students to voluntarily attend a whole host of lectures, interactive seminars, and other learning opportunities to help them grow in their understanding as people made in the image of God understanding other people who look, think and act very different from themselves, who are similarly made in the very same image of God. This lecture series has been going on at Calvin for several decades now, and the Antioch Podcast is pleased to be invited back year after year as a welcomed guest.

This year, our team came to talk about a question we get asked a lot. That question is, “How do you all manage to talk about racism so much and still stay friends?” We thought we would jump on the opportunity and take this hour to talk about that with you all.