Episode 209: Mark Charles – “The Hard Work of Being Prophetic.”

The Antioch Podcast is excited about today’s returning guest to the podcast, Mark Charles. Mark is a Native American activist, public speaker, Reformed pastor, and author on Native American issues. He was an independent candidate for President of the United States in 2020. Mark is the son of a Navajo father and a Dutch-American mother, grew up in Gallup, New Mexico, and currently lives in Washington DC after living on the Navajo reservation with his wife their young family after graduating from UCLA.

As an activist, Mark is known for denouncing the doctrine of discovery and for his opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Mark was a former pastor at the Christian Indian Center in Denver, Colorado and currently is a consultant for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, as well as the Washington, D.C., correspondent for Native News Online. Since 2008, he has written the blog Wirelesshogan: Reflections from the Hogan. He coauthored the book “Unsettling Truths” with Dr. Soong-Chan Rah and currently is on a tour promoting the book, which is why we invited him here today. Mark is a regular guest on the Antioch Podcast, and so we were excited to welcome him back.