Episode 206: An Off-Mic Conversation – “Thoughts, Theology & Little Bit of Therapy”

If you’ve listened to the Antioch Podcast for long, you know that we six co-hosts are friends who also make this podcast. We meet every week for at least two hours to talk, one of which is recorded for the podcast, and the other of which we just have relationship time. A lot of the time we use this time to catch up on one another’s lives, plan the episode, or tell stories.

So the other day, we all were talking before we were recording and Libby said, “I like what we are talking about. Can we just hit record and let people hear what we sound like when we don’t have a topic?” So that’s exactly what we did. If you ever wonder what we talk about before we hit record … this is what we sound like. We are calling this episode “An Off-Mic Conversation: Thoughts, Theology and A Little Bit of Therapy.”

For context, usually we identify who is on the recording, giving our racial/ethnic identification and so in keeping with tradition: those present were Libby, who is white, Reggie, who is African-American, and myself – also white. The first voice you will hear is Libby’s.

… lets go now and listen, to this conversation!