Episode 204: Eric Nykamp – “Lessons from Producing the Antioch Podcast.”

I’ve been producing the Antioch Podcast since 2016, and a lot has changed since those early years. Today, I wanted to take a moment to share a few thoughts from a talk I gave about six months ago. This talk, called “12 Lessons I’ve Learned from Producing the Antioch Podcast” has a little to do with the history of this particular podcast, but has a lot more to do with the way I’ve been socialized as a white man – a white man who as an adult began getting curious about, and involved in, diversity and antiracism efforts in my community – particularly my faith community. It’s a talk about things I’ve thought and learned, mistakes I’ve made, and hopefully, how I’m learning from those mistakes and continuing to grow.

We usually make it a practice on the Antioch Podcast that when only white folks can make it to record that we only talk about the things white people know the most about, which is whiteness. This is one of those rare times when on a recording day all the other members of the team were called away on pressing business, and so in keeping with this principal, I am going to share a little about these thoughts about my own whiteness that I’ve had this year.