Episode 203: Disappointment – “When Institutions Disappoint Us.”

It is impossible to work towards systemic change without working within an institution. Staffing, decision-making, writing and passing policies are these slow, incremental processes that seem like they take forever, and yet when they happen they can make life so much better for so many people. Policy change is where justice happens, and so when it doesn’t happen at an institutional level – it can be a real let-down. The motion isn’t accepted, the policy get’s shot down, the law isn’t passed, the bill isn’t ratified, the person you wanted to placed in a key position of influence doesn’t get the job. These moments can make a person think, “What’s the point? Should we just give up? Is there any hope?”

Our team of Christian antiracism educators and friends gathered to talk about the emotional journey of the slow, incremental work of change as we gathered around the microphones.

… lets go now and listen, to this conversation!


The Powers That Be by Walter Wink

I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown