Episode 194: Stereotypes – “When Our Preconceptions Blew Up.”

So you meet someone for the first time, and you have just a couple moments to try to make some assumptions about them so you can have a conversation. You have very little information to go by, and most of it is based on how they look, how they sound, and what if anything you know about their background. Usually, we are making these assumptions in a matter of seconds, based on stereotypes. Sometimes, these are helpful shorthand ways of navigating the world, but other times, these generalities are … well… wrong. And what do you do with that when you are mid-sentence and realize that what you thought about someone was not actually correct. How do you change the conversation? How do you remain open to expanding your categories to really see someone for who they truly are?

Our team of Christian antiracism educators and friends take some time to talk about our stereotypes and the times they were busted in today’s episode.