Episode 193: Michelle Loyd-Paige – “Transitions: Knowing When To Move On.”

Michelle Loyd Paige is one of the 6 co-hosts of the Antioch Podcast you have gotten to know over the past few years. Some of you listen because Michelle is on the podcast, and some of you keep listening because while you don’t know Michelle personally, you feel like you do after listening so long. Her voice is a voice of wisdom, having served as a chief diversity officer for decades at her institution. Michelle is going to retire at the conclusion of the 2022-2023 academic year, and we took the opportunity today to talk about this transition a couple weeks after the public announcement of her retirement.

Michelle shares about her long tenure doing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion work – doing this work long before the acronym DEI even became an acronym… as well as what it means to actually get to retire from, instead of resign from, an institution working tirelessly for antiracism in the classrooms, task rooms, and board rooms of her institution.