Episode 187: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? – “Counting the Cost of Belonging.”

In the past 2 years of so, many Americans have quit one job and taken another job … a phenomenon being called “The Great Resignation.” For some, a part of this calculation had to do with the toll their jobs had on their finances, mental health, and sense of safety. But this is an antiracism podcast, so let’s talk about the racial implications of the great resignation. Many racial justice advocates have been asking questions of themselves and their institutions about whether the cost of belonging at their institution was a price they were willing to pay any longer – especially if the institutions they worked for were not advocating for systemic or antiracist policies to improve the lives of their employees and care more justly for the communities or congregations they serve. For many, it is a matter of calculating how much influence they have against the work left to do. When is staying helpful, because you are influencing change, and when does belonging become complicity in a system that is harming some people? What if that system is your faith community, denomination, or church? Should we stay, or should we go?

These are important questions, which we are about to get into, in today’s episode among our team of Christian antiracism educators and friends.

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.