Episode 176: Susie Dixon – “Addressing Racism in the Roots.”

Today on the Antioch Podcast, we are continuing our series where each member of the Antioch Podcast team takes a turn sharing a bit about our antiracism journey over the past year.  This week, Susie Dixon shares her story.  Susie, in addition to being a regular co-host on the Antioch Podcast , now leads antiracism workshops after working in both mono-ethnic and multiethnic churches and Christian institutions over the years.  Her reflections are full of power, truth, and a there might be a few times that if you are thinking about what she is saying – you might say, “I see myself here.”

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation. 




The Antioch Podcast Team’s Antiracism Podcast Antiracism “Friend Crushes.”:

Eric: Joe Kuilema

Libby: Shelie Wise Rowe

Susie: The person who speaks first about injustice

Jane: Jemar Tisby

Reggie: Martin Luther King