Episode 174: Michelle Loyd Paige – “From Alignment to Reimagining.”

Today on the Antioch Podcast, we are continuing our series where each member of the Antioch Podcast team takes a turn sharing a bit about our antiracism journey over the past year. This week, Michelle will be sharing her story. Michelle carries many titles – she is a professor, a preacher, a PhD and on this podcast, a person we on the get to know and call a friend. She sat down to talk with our team about her antiracism journey this past year, telling us all about how this was a year focusing on alignment – a word she prayerfully set with God to give her focus during what turned out to be a momentous year.

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.


The Antioch Podcast Team’s Antiracism Music Recommendations:

Michelle: Hezakiah Walker – “I Need You To Survive”

Jane: Mr. Wendall – Arrested Development

Reggie: Marvin Gay – What’s Goin’ On?

Eric: Lift Every Voice and Sing – (Kirk Franklin)