Episode 17: Self-Care and Sabbath – an Interview with Chaplain Joella Ranaivoson

Joella Ranaivoson is the Associate Chaplain of Upper Class Students at Calvin College, her alma mater. She is a native of Madagascar, but was raised in Papua New Guinea, the US, and Kenya. The world, its cultures, and the global church are among her loves. She completed her Master of Divinity at Calvin Seminary (she’s clearly fond of Calvin), and she lives in Grand Rapids. Joella is a Do Justice columnist, the official blog of the Christian Reformed Church’s Office of Social Justice. A member of Madison Church’s Square Campus, she graciously came in to talk with us about her most recent piece for Do Justice entitled “Let’s Talk About Self-Care.”







Original Music and Loops for the Antioch Worship Leadership Podcast:

Pastor Darrell Delaney:

  • My Song 13.3

Eric Nykamp:

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  • PhaserBallad88.2


Loops from www.freesound.org

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