Episode 163: Diversity Playbook – “Part 3: For Christian Organizations.”

Authors Michelle Loyd Paige and Michelle Williams wrote their book, Diversity Playbook: Recommendations and Guidance for Christian Organizations, as a repository for their collective insights as diversity professionals who have served Christian institutions for decades.  This playbook is full of practical wisdom for three distinct, but interactive audiences:

–       Diversity professionals – those people tasked with helping an institution diversify their staff and serve diverse communities

–       Outliers, Allies and Co-conspirators – those “other” people who interact with diversity professionals who can help – or hinder – their work

–       Organizations – Institutions like Christian places of higher education, churches, nonprofits, or other places of Christian ministry who may have an interest in addressing racial inequity within their organization as well as work towards racial justice initiatives in their communities at large.

We are halfway through our four-episode series on this book.  In each episode, we will have a discussion about one of these groups as a team, culminating in a final episode with the authors themselves.

This week, we are focusing on leaders of Christian Organizations who are trying to heed the Biblical call for justice, in this episode called “For Christian Organizations.”