Episode 158: The Antioch Podcast Retreat – “What We Did, and What We Learned.”

Jesus once asked his followers “Come away with me.  Let us go alone to a quiet place and rest for a while.”  Jesus knew that they needed a break from all they were learning and doing while they followed him.

Everyone needs time to rest, and our team needed this as well.

Our podcast has been around for over five years, endured through some of the more challenging racial issues in recent memory, and our team needed to get some extended time to be together… without the microphones, to check in with one another, be with God, and plan for our future as a now-independent podcast.

Some of you were praying for us.  We welcome your prayers, and appreciate this from our growing community of listeners.

So we wanted to share with you all a bit of what happened during our time away in this episode we are calling “The Antioch Podcast Retreat: What What We Did, and What We Learned.”

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.


Michigan Mushroom Company


The Mushroom Factory (Detroit)


Zazu Mushrooms