Episode 152: Raising Racially-Resilient Children

As the school year begins in the United States, parents are sending their children back to school. Schools, however, are not the only places where children learn. Our homes are places where children learn many important things that shape the rest of their lives. For example, home is the place where most Children still learn about faith. Christianity is more often caught than taught in the home as children watch and join their parents in prayer, scripture reading and conversations about walking with God. Similarly, antiracism is also a topic that is more often caught than taught in families as children watch and join their parents in relationships with others, advocacy, and conversations about race.

In today’s episode of the Antioch Podcast, the members of our team who are parents reflect back on our parenting journeys as we reflect on our own successes, mistakes, and ongoing questions in our attempt at raising our own children to be racially-resilient people.

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.


Racial Demographic Data from the 2020 US Census