Episode 150: Hindsight 2020 – “Our Takeaways from 150 Episodes.”

We are stepping away from our series to bring you this special episode of the Antioch Podcast. This is our 150th episode. At the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, we decided to record an episode a week, instead of twice per month as we had been doing. We mostly did it because all of us suddenly had open schedules with nothing else to do, it seemed… at least for a few weeks. This pandemic wouldn’t interrupt things too long, right? But this decision to record weekly … well, that changed everything.

Most of you listening started listening during the pandemic. You listened through what turned out to be a season where the eyes of the nation were fixed on fighting germs as well as injustice. We aren’t out of this yet, but we are in it together.

So for our 150th episode, our team thought that we would take this moment, to reflect back on the past year, in an episode we’re calling “Hindsight 2020.”

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.