Episode 146: Radical Acts – “Named.”

As we continue our antiracist reading of the book of Acts, the narrative spotlight now swings from Paul back to Peter, the disciple of Jesus leading the church in exile. We find Peter, now walking among those believed to be of lesser-importance in Jewish culture: a paralyzed man, a group of impoverished widows, a dead woman, and a tanner – whose vocation necessitates that he routinely handle stinking death flesh. Peter centers those on the margins, and in so doing, literally re-enacts these miracles now in the name of Jesus. And he does so in a culturally-intelligent manner, as we are about to see.

Our multiethnic group of antiracism educators and friends had another lively conversation about race, faith, and power as we read scripture together, as you are about to hear.

Let’s go now, and listen to this conversation.


Willie Jennings Commentary on Acts

You Know My Name – Tasha Cobbs Leonard