Episode 134: Radical Acts – “Transformational vs. Transactional Living.”

In today’s episode, we continue our series “Radical Acts”, the story of how the church grew from a monoethnic Jewish sect to a multiethnic religion encompassing the known world. We pick up this episode with a comparison of two stories. The first is a story of how a young follower of the Jesus Way named Barnabas, sold a field and gave all the money to the community. The second is the story of a married couple, Ananias and Saphira, who similarly sold property, keeping part of it for themselves, while telling the disciples that they were donating the entire sale to the community. This story has many things to tell us about our present day, and I won’t spoil anything by telling you that our team had some thoughtful insights to share about how this story has relevance in our racialized world.

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.


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The Cold Within – poem by James Patrick Kinney