Episode 119: Christianity & Critical Race Theory: “BLM & Traditional Biblical Sexuality.”

This is the fourth episode in our five-part miniseries on Christianity and Critical Race Theory or CRT for short. If you missed our opening episode, go back to episode 115 to begin the series before returning to this one.

In today’s episode, our team gathered around the mics to talk about Dr. Kelly Harmen’s article she wrote for Christianity Today in July of 2020 entitled “Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, Marxism, and Biblical Ethics.” In this part of her article she describes and counters an argument she has heard from people who disparage Critical Race Theory. She describes this argument as “The Black Lives Matter movement is Marxist and supportive of the LGBTQ community’s attempts to criminalize traditional, biblical views of sexuality.”

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.

Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, Marxism, and Biblical Ethics
Looking at Marxism and Critical Race Theory in light of the problem of racism in America.


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