Episode 114: “Why Multiethnic Churches Fail.”

Social scientists tell us that multiracial churches are growing in number from 6% in 1998 to 16% in 2019. These same social scientists are telling us that these same churches may not be promoting the flourishing of Black people and other people of color.

Jemar Tisby, president of the Witness: a Black Christian collective, podcaster, author of the Color of Compromise and his forthcoming book How to Fight Racism, wrote a piece on his blog entitled, Why Multiracial Churches Fail, discussing these two factors. We would encourage you to read his piece yourself, which is linked to the show notes for this episode on our webpage www.antiochpodcast.com . Our team gathered around the mics to talk about this, as all of us attend multiracial churches, to share our experiences, observations and thoughts about this phenomenon.


Why Multiracial Churches Fail – Jemar Tisby