Episode 112: Michelle Loyd-Paige – “My Story.”

Michelle Loyd-Paige is the most senior contributor to the Antioch Podcast in our group. She is a woman with a lot of life experience and a LOT of titles she has racked up: preacher, professor, doctor, and most recently Executive Associate to the President for Diversity & Inclusion at Calvin University. She also is a wife, mother, grandmother and on this podcast a friend and cohost. In this episode, Michelle shares the story of how she came to be on her antiracism journey, when it started, challenges she has faced, and ultimately where it has brought her today.

This was a conversation that many of us on the podcast have been eagerly awaiting to hear, and we hope YOU, the listener, find her story as moving and inspiring as we did.


One of Libby’s linoleum block-printed paper stars

Where I’m From Poem Template

The photo Michelle’s husband reclaimed to remember her in case he ever met her again.