Episode 111: “Antiracist Inspiration.”

Where we are recording in Michigan, the leaves have now blown off the trees, there is no sunlight by the time we eat dinner, winds are picking up and the temperature is dropping. We are in a time of transition. Winter is coming. The election is behind us (mostly) and we await a new administration. COVID numbers continue to rise nationally. Many of us on our team have had loved ones fall sick and some have died this season. All of these things are true, God has not left us, and we have moments when we also need to pause and feel the weightiness of these moments because we are human beings with hearts full of emotion. It is the way God has made us.

Against this backdrop, our team thought it may be good to take a mental break from all the heaviness, even for a moment, in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season. Gratitude, it turns out, is one of the practices that social scientists have shown to diminish anxiety and help people shift into hope-filled mindsets. So today we are going to spend some time remembering those people who are our antiracism inspirations, people from history as well as people we’ve known personally whose lives give us encouragement when it may seem difficult to keep going.

Some of our team were away leading an antiracism workshop, while the rest of us gathered virtually around the microphones to visit and share stories together.

No credits this episode, but it was still good, eh?