Episode 104: “After the Breonna Taylor Verdict”

Some weeks are harder than others to do antiracism work, and this was one of those weeks. To give you a sense of the setting, we recorded this conversation just days after the verdict on the shooting of Breonna Taylor. Breonna grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where several of us are from, so her death carries with it a local connection, though none of us know Breonna or members of her family directly.

It was good to be in the presence of friends, to share our hearts and process together. We talked about the struggles we are having in this moment, and in the end, shared a little with each other about what is giving us hope in this time of racial tension and great uncertainty.

What you will hear is our unfiltered conversation about Biblical Antiracism, among the members of our multiracial team who was able to gather around the microphones. Listeners should note that there is a passing reference to the fact that we just finished the “I Can Fix It” series. Due to the fact that the nation is grieving the fact that no police offices were charged with shooting Breonna while she slept in the bed of her own home, we decided to release this episode early. The final episode of the “I Can Fix It” series will be released next week, following this episode.

Let’s go now and listen to this conversation.

Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation, by Kristin Kobes DuMez
Litany for Those Not Ready for Healing by Dr. Yolanda Pierce