Episode 100: The Antioch Podcast Team – “What Makes This Podcast Work?”

This is episode 100 of the Antioch Podcast. This week we take a pause from our “I Can Fix It” series to reflect as a team (minus Josh, who was handing a last-minute emergency) on what makes our cross racial conversations about Biblical Antiracism possible. Many times after we stop recording, our team sticks around to talk about why our conversations feel energizing, refreshing, and therapeutic… and unfortunately – rare. What makes conversations about faith and race so difficult for so many of us? How come these talks about identity and experience rarely even happen between people of the same racialized groups if they happen at all? Why do these kinds of cross-racial conversations, so often filled with tension and defensiveness, not happen when our team turns on the microphones to record, and then sticks around for hours after to share laughs, prayer-requests, stories, or even more vulnerable questions we don’t yet know how to talk about on the podcast? When our team realized this was happening for us, it seemed like a beautiful mystery that we kept trying to understand a little better.

So this episode is another unscripted recording where we talk about what makes these rare and beautiful conversations about Biblical Antiracism possible. It isn’t the final conversation that we will have on this topic, but we wanted you, the listeners, to hear the kinds of talks we have most weeks after the mics are turned off.

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