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Conversations about Biblical anti-racism are needed in the 21st Century Christian community. The book of Acts lays out how the Holy Spirit empowered the first Christians to bridge their ethnic and cultural division to form a new kind of religious community in the Roman world – one that was not exclusive to one people group or ethnicity. This is also the aspiration of Madison Church a 100+ year-old multiethnic church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the host church of the Antioch Podcast.

St. Peter’s Church in Antioch

So … why the name “Antioch”?

The ancient city of Antioch was a crossroads of trade in the ancient Roman world. It was here that followers of Jesus were first called Christians… because they were a church comprised of people from many nations, and the Romans could not find a single ethnic slur to describe them. The true church has always been about diverse people reaching across to one another as they reach up in worship together.

The 2020 Antioch Podcast Team

Now today, the work of Biblical anti-racism continues. Racism and racial insensitivity are on the rise around the world. In the American context, there are fewer people worshiping together across ethnic and racial divisions due to these forces. But, if the church is to stay true to is roots, it is imperative that we learn how to have these crucial conversations for the love of God.

Every episode of the Antioch Podcast features one such conversation. In each episode, a group of antiracism trainers and advocates gather to have discussions about books, articles, ideas, and theology through the lens of Biblical antiracism. And when this group cannot gather from time to time, we will bring you interviews with Christian thought leaders in the growing Biblical Antiracism movement.

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