One of FEEDSPOT’S “Top 50 Racism Podcasts To Follow in 2020!”
Included into Calvin University’s Digital Commons in 2022  


The Antioch Podcast Team – 2024

 is a weekly recorded conversation among a multiracial team of Christian antiracism educators and friends. Biblical antiracism is the starting point for all our conversations, which inevitably include a healthy dose of laughter, thoughtfulness, vulnerability and theology.  

The Antioch Podcast Team in 2020

Our hope is that our conversations model the kinds of conversation churches need to learn to have in order to become the beloved community that seeks the flourishing of all God’s children.  For churches to do this, Christians need to learn to talk about race without awkwardness or defensiveness, which is why so many of these conversation never even begin.

Come join us, and listen to these conversations!


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