Welcome to the Antioch Podcast!

Our podcast is a ministry of Madison Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The mission of our podcast is to provide examples of the kinds of conversations leaders in multi-ethnic churches need to have as they continue to learn how to develop healthy multi-ethnic congregations.  We find that it is important for leaders in multi-ethnic congregations to have “cultural agility” – the ability to know our own cultures to minimize our biases, while simultaneously remaining humble learners about the preferences of those whose cultural starting points are different than our own.  In other words, we need to be authentic to who we are, while seeking justice for our brothers and sisters as individually and communally.

St. Peter’s Church in Antioch

So … why the name “Antioch”?

The ancient city of Antioch was a crossroads of trade in the ancient Roman world. It was here that followers of Jesus were first called Christians… because they were a church comprised of people from many nations, and the Romans could not find a single ethnic slur to describe them. The true church has always been about diverse people reaching across to one another as they reach up in worship together.

A sampling of leaders from Madison Church.

Now today, as the multi-hued reflection of God’s family, we continue to talk about how we as worshipers and worship leaders stay true to our roots, increasingly learning how to be servant-leaders of one another. God never told us that the road would be easy. But we don’t believe he brought us this far to leave us. Let’s talk about it.

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